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IMO STCW International Convention


The course is designed for Officers in charge of a navigational watch (STCW CODE A-II/1; A-II/2)


The course can be attended by all mariners who have completed a minimum period of six months at sea as officers in charge of a navigational watch and who have successfully attended the Radar Navigation and Plotting course


The course lasts 5 days.


This course is designed for officers operating on different kinds of cargo vessels (from big container vessels to high speed crafts).
Vessels manoeuvring characteristics are included in the simulator's micro chip, thus allowing a realistic representation of the different manoeuvring operations (anticollision, landing, berthing, etc.), even under peculiar weather conditions, with or without tug assistance, anchors or berthing ropes.
Emergency manoeuvres can be performed through the simulator special manoeuvring console, complete with main engine controls, rudder, joy-stick, thrusters, docking doppler, 240° panoramic screen, colour graphic plotter and printing machine which allow to review the manoeuvre.
The simulator is also equipped with ARPA, GMDSS, AIS, ECS (electronic cartography) and GPS.
The course training sessions are highly realistic as all manoeuvring simulations are shown on large coloured screens, offering daytime and nighttime views which are extremely accurate, comparable to the vision from a real vessel bridge.
Enhanced realism is also achieved by modifying visibility conditions, according to hour and sea conditions, and by varying target positions and distances. Different sound signals, rain/wind effects and machinery vibrations varying at different speed complete the reality effect.


The relevant certificate is issued after completion of the course.


The course is scheduled year-round, except in the month of August.

For more details and availability, please contact the administration office of Ente Radar (tel. + 39 010 0982950, fax + 39 010 3705599, e-mail: contacts )

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