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(operational level)


IMO STCW International Convention
D.D. 7 Aug. 2001 - published in the Italian Official Gazette no.209 - 8 Sept 2001


ENTE RADAR - ITALIAN SHIPPING ACADEMY has been authorized to deliver this course by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport - Italian Coast Guard Headquarters - decrees 64/2016 and 274/2016


The course is required for all mariners aiming to obtain the IMO certification of:
  • Officer in charge of a navigational watch
  • Officer in charge of a navigational watch (coastal navigation)


The course can be attended by all mariners who have successfully completed the RADAR NAVIGATION AND PLOTTING COURSE (operational level)


The course lasts 28 hours. Attendance is mandatory.


This course aims to give knowledge and training for an appropriate ARPA use as an anti-collision means even in congested areas, in traffic separation zones, etc., through the use of an 18 workstation simulator equipped with six own vessels and with several kinds of ARPA indicators, tracking up to 50 targets, in high relative speed scenarios.
Whenever possible, exercices are performed with the help of the ship handling simulation equipment, thus reproducing real sea navigation.

Special emphasis is given to A.I.S. use, highlighting qualities, flaws and possible future applications in navigation safety.

During the course, a specific seminar is dedicated to SMCP use (Standard Marine Communications and Phrases), as adopted by IMO on 29/11/2001 - Res. A.918(22).


The relevant IMO STCW certificate, internationally recognized, is issued after successful completion of final exams.


The course is scheduled year-round, except in the month of August.
For more details and availability, please contact the administration office of Ente Radar
(tel. + 39 010 0982950, fax + 39 010 3705599, e-mail: Contacts )

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