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  • IMO STCW International Convention
  • ISPS Code - Parts A and B
  • MSC Resolution Circular 1188
  • IMO Model Course 3.21: Port Facility Security Officer
  • Document no. 6 of the Italian National Maritime Security Program


The course is mandatory for mariners aiming to perform the duty of Port Facility Security Officer in Port Facilities which apply the ISPS Code Parts A and B.


No specific entry requirements are envisaged.


The course, in compliance with Document no. 6 of the Italian National Maritime Security Program issued by the Interministerial Committee for Maritime Security (CISM) aims to provide adequate knowledge on the contents of the ISPS Code related to the Port Facility Security Officer's duties, as defined in section A/2.1.8 and A/17 of the ISPS Code, while emphasizing the following points:
  • Develop, maintain and supervise the implementation of a port facility security plan;
  • Assess security risk, threat and vulnerability;
  • Undertake regular inspections of the port facility to ensure that appropriate security measures are implemented and maintained;
  • Ensure that security equipment and any systems, if any, are properly operated, tested and calibrated;
  • Encourage security awareness and vigilance.


The course lasts 24 hours


The course is held at ENTE RADAR - VIA ODERICO 10, GENOVA
For more details and availability, please contact the administration office of Ente Radar (tel. + 39 010 0982950, fax + 39 010 3705599, e-mail: contacts

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